Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sydney is 2

Okay so it has been a while. I promise a couple of catch up posts this week.
Can you believe Sydney turned 2 April 27! Here are a few pictures from her party in the park.

Sydney was so cute in her “Happy Day” dress! She loved her Nemo cake and games and of course playing on the park.
Somehow the candle did not make it to the party so Aunt Lu Lu held up a light for her to blow out.
Playing on the playground with Uncle Tom
Find the missing Nemo. There he is hiding in the presents.
Trey and Macy jumping over the jelly fish field
Syndey and LoLo (Laura) playing with the favorite game for the 2 year olds the bubble machine!
She was so excited about the park that she was not that interested in opening gifts, infact mommy and some of the kids helped out. She was very excited about the cards though.

Trey made her some special gifts including this 2

Her Mommy and daddy gave her a wiggle worm toy I think that is what it is called. Uncle Skip and I put it together with a multi tool, and it was well worth it to see her smile as she figured out how to make it go by her self, and to hear her giggle when I pushed her fast. It is also really cool to see how she is starting to have friendships.

Just a few favorite Random Pictures
The Hood's

Ay the wonder of a kaladiscope if you look close you can she his fragmented eye!


Trey and Macy witht their favorite cousin Paul

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Kristen said...

She is a beautiful little girl that looks very loved! time flies!