Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Okay so this post may have no order but what is importnat is sharing the beautiful pictures and memories of our families Easter at my Grandma's house. We all gathered and enjoyed watching the little kids hunt for eggs and bond. Then we wnjoyed a very yummy Easter dinner together as a family. I love these special moment with my family.

Threy helping Jayden find eggs
The little cousins and cousins children Trey, Macy, Sydney, Brandon, Jayden
Brandon and Jayden on the hunt
Grandpa (my dad) helping Sydney find eggs. Notice all the momma in the backgroudn with cameras
Awww how cute are Sydney and Macy
Oh yess they get cuter!
Great Grandma giving Sydney her prize for winning the Easter egg hunt
Jayden filling his basket with Sydney's eggs. Jayden is helping Macy count hers in the background.
Sydeny checking out her eggs
Macy the super counter counting her eggs how did she get so big and smart?
Ahh a bug oh wait it is just Tom in his sexy sunglasses.

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