Monday, May 25, 2009

Swimmming Lessons

My Mom has been taking Sydney to Swimming lessons. She asked me to come along one day to capture the fun they have. Afterwards I headed to the Hood House to help Chrissy pack up the scrapbook/craft space. She needed help deciding what goes into the Packrat while they live temporarily with Auntie Patty, and begin their house hunt

The focus sucks on this one I was playing with the natural lighting but I love the moment captured.

At the end of the lesson the kids played 3 little ducks and splashed into the water, it was so cute!Sydney was very content to make sure her head did not go under (the focus of the activity)

I love the relaxed look on my moms face trying to give some of that to the stiff I am not floating on my back princess.

Getting out to do her favorite activity.

SLIIIDDDE she is so cute she fills her hands up with water to wet down the slide before each turn, but while waiting all of the water has dripped out.
I love the concentration on her face and tongue

Having fun at Bubbles Swim School, as you can tell Ms. Sydney work hard and is a little tired and cold.

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Kristen said...

I love it! Why are they moving? What did your aunt and uncle do with the other house?