Friday, May 15, 2009

Cool Moon

We went kayaking May 10th in the evening. As we were paddeling out from our favorite spot we were struck by how low the water was. We padled over to a new spot of land and enjoyed a picnic dinner then fished for a little bit. As we were cleaning up Max pointed over the mountain and asked "what is over that mountian." I looked at the glowing light he saw and replied "the dam" just then the moon rose over the mountians. My little point and shoot does not do it justice but it was so huge, bright, close and AMAZING. It was a very special moment to spend together on the water and as the moon rose it just kept getting better!

The land mass closing off this cove was below water on April 18th!
Peeking out

A little shaky but you can still see the pretty rise

The moon has risen

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