Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Concert Trip

The only picture of the two of us from the trip I will explain it at the end of the post!

A few weekends ago we were able to go see our favorite artist preform in two shows. First we went to Acoustic Music San Diego for an amazing show full of new songs. Although I have seen David preform many times I always walk away amazed at his amazing guitar skills and awesome ability to create works of art with words and notes. It is fun to try to replicate sounds on my guitar, not that I get anywhere near it something about vastly different skill levels but it gives me something to strive towards.

I love this venue it is a beautiful old mission style Church that a group Acoustic Music San Diego uses!

One of my favorite things to do in San Diego is a yummy meal at the Old Town Cafe. The chips and salsa is AMAZING paired with a yummy mango margarita pure HEAVEN!

The second night we saw David play again at McCabes Guitar shop. On the way up to Santa Monica we stopped at Venice Beach, and were able to see the famous Muscle beach. This guy was very cool he played with a waist pack amp while roller blading along the board walk, again a skill set I do not possess!

A beach preformer. I am notsure if he ever did anything we stood watching his pre show for 10+ minutes.

A man made of gold and his dog! Neither the man or dog even wiggled.
Every time we go to So.Cal I love visiting the beach. The sail boats were beautiful!

Working out on the beach not me of course but we did get to eat some healthy food ad a long walk!
Even kids got into the action
Push ups anyone

McCabe's is an amazing guitar shop that has concerts in the back. It is so inspiring hearing great acoustics music while being surrounded by great instruments. Here is the stage waiting for the show that night.

Max found what looked like an amazing guitar and was testing it out. Unfortunately the sound was a bit off, he was so disappointed it had many features he had been looking for among a few Taylor, T5, Limited, Sunken Rosewood, and a wife that said "Buy it Honey."

Driving home we stopped for coffee and sandwiches in Barstow and parked next to this beauty it totally reminded me of one of my favorite David Wilcox songs "Rusty Old American Dream" see him preform it here
I really liked the look of the rust on this beauty!
Max took this one
Overall a great weekend with our favorite things Music, and Photos!

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Kristen said...

Wow...your hair is sooooo long! Looks like a great weekend! Love all the pictures. It makes me feel like I was there, too!